cullari said: how do you do the 'soft sharpen'? i mean, i know it's with topaz clean, but i do it, and the sharpen is kinda too strong, you can see in one of my posts. well, i first put the soft effect in topaz clean and then 1 sharpen, and it gets too strong, and you get it kinda light, i don't know if i explain myself:(.

In the last previews I’m not using topaz clean, but gaussian blur.

Here’s the original pic:

Then I apply smart sharpen: 500% and 0,3 px (gaussian blur and more accurate):


Duplicate the layer with sharpen and go to filter > blur > gaussian blur with the setting: 0,8. Change the opacity to something around 30%-40%

The result (with 30%):

image image
30%                                                                            40%

*You can also do this with topaz instead of the blur

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